There are few things that compare with spending a night out at the pub, surrounded by an awesome crowd, live music, and most importantly, good food. Pub grub has remained a fan favourite amongst many generations, and for a variety of good reasons. First off? It’s big and hearty. Second? It’s delicious and comforting. And best of all, there’s pretty much something for everyone on the menu. So, even if you’ve got picky eaters in your posse, or if you fall into that category yourself, you won’t have to worry about ending the night feeling hangry and unsatisfied. 

Now, taste is obviously subjective, so you may or may not agree that virtually every pub menu item has something special to bring to the table. That being said however, there are a few plain favourites that the majority of pub-farers would agree are, no less than top-tier. So, with these considerations in mind, we’ve done our best to rate the best pub meals in Perth you can find in virtually every joint, from 10 through to 1:

10. Pasta of the Day

Any ‘dish of the day’ is going to come with a bit of risk, especially if you don’t take yourself for the particularly adventurous type when it comes to food. On the other hand, if you’re ordering from a familiar place where the food always seems to be good, you won’t have to worry as much about being let down. Pasta is a safe base for many different types of sauces, so there’s really not a whole lot of room for failure, unless something in that sauce just hasn’t been done right. 

9. An Impressive Salad

Now, I think we can all agree that a real salad is NOT that standard mix of leafy greens, tomato and cucumber that you get accompanying every single meat dish on the pub menu. A great standalone salad is obviously more than that. And these days, you can find a range of excellent salad options on pub menus, allowing you to keep in line with your dieting goals. Asian salads with crunchy noodles and zesty dressings are a particular favourite. 

8. Lamb Shanks 

All the better when accompanied by delicious roast vegetables, fluffy mash and rich gravy, lamb shanks infused in herbs and wine is a classy favourite for most pub-goers- as long as they’re putting up more than one shank. 

7. Crispy Calamari

Who doesn’t love crispy calamari rings, topped with salt and pepper and served with a wedge of lemon and tartare sauce? It’s an appetiser loved by all members of the family. Plus, it makes for a great main when accompanied by some thick, beer battered chips.

6. A Juicy Steak

A steak is probably the safest dish you can opt for whenever you’re in doubt at a pub, with the worst thing that could happen being that your steak comes out overcooked. Of course, compared to all the other atrocities that you could experience when ordering other dishes, it’s a pretty minor risk. And the fact that a steak done well is pretty much an unparalleled experience, it’s probably worth ordering this for your next feed at the mysterious new pub in town. 

5. Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a simple dish, yet the quality of each dish varies significantly from pub to pub. Sometimes, you’ll be let down by soggy or undercooked fish with a bunch of holes in the batter. Other times, if you’ve chosen the right place, you’ll be met with rich and tender meat encased in a crispy, golden shell.  

4. Bowl of Chips

A bowl of chips is a total must-have at any pub. Either order it as an appetiser and share it between you and your mates, or if you’re a picky eater, conquer it solo as a main, along with some tomato sauce and aioli. 

3. Steak Sandwich

Nowadays, you’ll find that the traditional white slices have been replaced by ciabatta or Turkish bread in most pubs- a winner of an upgrade if you ask us. The key to the perfect steak sandwich is tender and juicy meat, a combination of tangy sauces, and a composition that is packed with flavourful ingredients, but not so chock-a-block that your sanga’s insides spill out the second you hold it up to your mouth to take a bite. If it’s seriously good, you may even want to nominate it for the best steak sandwich competition

2. Mixed Platter

Can’t decide on what you want? Feel like munching on a little bit of everything? The mixed platter is the perfect sampler for either one or two, depending on how hungry you are. With this on the table, you can try out a range of tasty and flavourful bites, without having to commit to an entire meal composed of solely one of them.  

1. The Classic Chicken Parmy

This list would be deemed officially bogus if we hadn’t put the classic chicken parmigiana at #1. Every element of this staple dish works together to tick all the boxes when it comes to proving as the perfect pub feed; the crispy, breaded chicken breast, the tangy tomato medley, the bubbling, melted cheese on top, all accompanied by a fresh salad and thick cut chips- not to mention a pint of your favourite beer. 

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