Most people would agree that experiencing music live is an entirely different ballpark to listening to it through your headphones or on a stereo. In person, you’re listening to the raw sound of those instruments and vocals working together- just pure and simple, and without the help (or harm) of any autotune. Then there’s the musicians themselves. When you can actually witness first-hand the amount of passion and skill that goes into playing every aspect of a song, we’d argue that it opens up a whole lot more room for appreciation. And then finally, there’s that awesome atmosphere that just ties everything together. Music has the power to bring communities close and create a sense of togetherness; it has done for thousands and thousands of years. All in all, a night out at a live gig is definitely one worth taking part in- and that’s especially true if it involves supporting your local artists. 

If you needed an excuse to go check out your local live music scene, then look no further, because we’ve got you covered with these top five reasons to go jam out at the closest gigs available to you:

  1. Discover New Favourites

The amount of music out there is virtually endless; but first, you have to discover it. After all, who knows how many local artists you’re sure to just click with due to the meaning of their songs or the uniqueness of their sound? Going to a live gig is a great way for you to witness some fresh tunes first-hand and potentially discover yourself some new favourites. 

  1. Support Small Town Dreams

The music industry is an extremely competitive place. But, by giving your support to all these upcoming local bands, you can make a whole lot of difference, and really give them the boost they need to thrive and grow. Not only that, but by supporting your local bands, you’ll also be supporting the local establishments that are hiring them to perform. So, if you want to support your local pubs, bars and breweries whilst also supporting the goals and dreams of these many artists, try to attend as many live music nights as you possibly can!

  1. Get Social

A night out at a local live gig is also a great way to get out of the house and get social with some mates. Live music is undeniably the perfect accompaniment to a few drinks and a hearty pub feed. Plus, if the conversation ever gets dry, you’ll always have the music to act as your safety net! It’s also a good opportunity to meet new people who may be into the same music styles and genres as yourself. 

  1. Kick Back and Relax

Had a hard day at work? Your boss just not giving you a break? Well, we understand you may be tempted to pass out on the couch with your feet up at the end of the day, but trust us on this one- coming down to a local gig may help to relieve some of your stress. No, we’re not just saying anything and everything to get you to come down and support your local acts, because the evidence is right here. A number of studies have shown that listening to live performances can decrease the release of cortisol in the body, also known as the stress hormone. Moreover, listening to live music can even help to boost your mood, causing you to feel happier and more refreshed than before. 

  1. Gain Inspiration

Guitar Hero may not have been enough to light that spark of inspiration you needed to commit to picking up an instrument, writing your own music or forming a band. On the other hand, seeing other upcoming bands up close and killing it may be just what you need to give you that boost of motivation. When you’re able to witness just how great the energy is at a live performance, it may be successful in prompting you to start your own musical journey!

If you didn’t have enough reasons to go attend a local gig before, you sure do now. It just so happens that at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery, we proudly host a range of talented local acts, so you can always head to our Vic Park venue expecting a night full of great hits, good fun and an awesome atmosphere. Call us now for more info or to book a table!