Steak by The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery

Who could say no to a succulent steak (unless of course, you’re a plant-based eater)? It’s a pub classic, and the way in which it’s prepared can tell you a lot about the place you’re dining at. We reckon that if you get served up a tasteless steak at a pub, then it’s probably not a pub you’re dining in at all. After all, a steak is like a pub’s signature meal. Plus, we think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty hard dish to mess up.  

At The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery, we’re committed towards serving up the best steak nights Perth has to offer. So, it only makes sense that we’d employ every integral aspect that you could think of. Check out our list of necessities for what makes the perfect steak night (and just a heads up; you can expect to find all of these things when heading out to our restaurant and pub on a steak night).  

Tasty, Hearty Meals

First of all, let’s talk food- the obvious star of the show when it comes to a steak night. The thing about steak is that everyone has it differently, whether it’s rare, medium-rare, well-done, or whatever your personal preference is. That being said, the perfect plate of steak is one that is cooked to your definition of perfection; it’s a bit of a turn-off when you’re someone who’s ordered their steak well-done, but it comes out of the kitchen barely there. 

Aside from this, a proper steak should be big and hearty. Of course, sides can make a huge difference as well. Here at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery, we offer Sirloin, Scotch Fillet or Eye Fillet on our Wednesday steak nights, accompanied by your choice in mash and veggies or chips and salad as a side. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the quintessential sauce to compliment all that meaty goodness.  

Great Value

A great Pub meal is something that definitely gives you your money’s worth. In fact, that’s one of the very best things about attending a good steak night; you get a wholesome plate of homestyle chow for the price of peanuts (well, not exactly peanuts). At The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery, we run steak night meal deals every Wednesday. So, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the chance to saviour one of our juicy steaks for lunch or dinner at an equally as delicious price. 

The Perfect Drinks Selection

You can’t get any better than a glass of red paired with a tasty steak. However, not everyone likes wine. Thankfully, there are a number of other drinks that pair with steak beautifully. Take a nice cold pint of beer for example, or a whiskey cocktail if you really want to emphasise the flavours of the steak. If you’ve got little carnivores who love steak on a plate as much as you do, juices or soft drink pair really well with them as well. All in all, a bevvie of your choice on the side is just what you need to truly enjoy your perfect steak night meal. 

We’ve got a massive drinks selection for you to choose from here at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery. Plus, with the new installation of our gin, vodka and moonshine distillery, we’ve also got a whole new range of spirits and cocktails for you to try as well. 

Good Vibes and Entertainment

If you’ve ever been to a bad restaurant, then you’d know how much the atmosphere can affect the enjoyment of your meal. Steak nights are that much more enjoyable when you’ve got a great atmosphere and good vibes all around. A perfect steak night is one that provides you with delicious food in a welcoming environment. And at our pub and restaurant, we ensure to tick all the boxes when it comes to providing steak nights like this. 

The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery is waiting for you, at our newly refurbished venue. So, if you’re craving a steak night that packs in all the aforementioned criteria, be sure to book in or pop down for a visit today!