What makes for a better Wednesday night than a few drinks, good food, and belting out your favourite tunes at a karaoke bar in Perth? Yes, karaoke is the perfect way to turn your laid-back night at the bar into a truly unforgettable experience. Not to mention, it’s the perfect story once you get back into work the next day (or don’t).

It’s a great addition to your work function, birthday, or even a simple group outing at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery & Distillery. Karaoke night promises hours of fun and laughs for pub-goers of all ages (over 18’s of course). Keep in mind, that’s whether you have the vocal cords of an angel, or just can’t seem to carry a tune in the shower! Running from 7.30pm-11pm every Wednesday night, it also gives you the perfect amount of time to make the most of our Steak Night. Aside from that, you can always down a few drinks before getting up on that stage yourself. Or, even try your hand at persuading one of your mates to perform up there in your place? In addition to Steak Night, we’ve also got our $15 food and drink special up for grabs. So, there’s really no reason for spectators not to order a delicious feed whilst enjoying all the performances. How’s that for dinner and a show?

Join Us at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery for Your Favourite Karaoke Bar Perth Experience

Looking for something a little more exciting than your usual Wednesday night at home? Come on down to The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery & Distillery in Vic Park, and get ready for a night of good fun. We’ve got no shortage of drinks available, delicious food, good vibes and hilarious moments. And it all comes whilst joining in with the fun at our Karaoke night at the sports bar.

Interested in having a memorable Karaoke bar experience in Perth this Wednesday? Be sure to join us at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery & Distillery!

Remember, we’re located just across the road from the Carlisle Train Station. So, we’re super easy to get to and from.

Facade of The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery