It’s a sunny 30°C, the breeze is cool, and you’re meant to be spending the day catching up with a crew of mates; so, why not spend it at a beer garden? 

Originating in 19th century Munich, Germany, the concept of beer gardens has been incorporated into many pubs all over the world, providing people with the perfect place to socialise with friends whilst sipping on ice cold beverages, and taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather. In Perth especially, where we’re fortunate enough to experience sunny days all year round, beer gardens are especially ideal for getting a crew of mates or together and really making the most out of your day off. 

But all that fun in the sun can go downhill fast if you’re not ensuring to follow the right tips. Luckily, we’ve compiled them into a short list down below, so that you can avoid having to end the session early and pack it up before even getting the chance to kick off.  

Arrive Before Peak Time

If you’re planning on getting together a large posse, then you’re going to want to either book yourself a table beforehand, or if you can’t, designate someone to arrive before peak time and secure a large table. There’s nothing worse than rocking up with all your mates to a packed-out beer garden, where the only option is to either wait around for tables to vacate or ditch the place to seek out an entirely new venue altogether. You can avoid missing out on valuable catching up and drinking time by guaranteeing yourself a spot earlier on in the day. 

Don’t Forget Your Sunnies

The Australian sun can be intense, so ensuring to wear sunglasses whilst you’re outdoors is pretty much a given. Ever heard of an eye sunburn? Well, it’s a thing, and it’s definitely something that you’d want to avoid dealing with in your lifetime. Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from damage caused by UV rays, blue light, and makes it so you’re not having to squint throughout the whole entire day and giving people the impression that you’re really not interested in the topic of conversation. 

Get an Uber

It sucks being the designated driver when all your friends are there smashing back beers. So, if you want to make it a wild time for everyone, make sure to call an uber or ask a family member for a favour doing a drop-off. In this way, you won’t have to worry about holding anyone up either. 

Take It Slow and Stay Hydrated

The trick with day drinking is to avoid going too hard too fast, or else you’re going to end up packing it in before 6pm. Not to mention, sculling back drink after drink in the Perth heat is going to get you dehydrated real fast, so always make sure to have a jug of water at the table so that you can keep your fluid levels up. Towards the end of the night is the time to go hard and bring out the shots if you’re game, so just hold out if you’re really wanting your catch up to last well into the evening. 

Order Some Grub

Again, you probably want to avoid feeling under the weather way too soon. So, in addition to taking it slow and keeping your fluid levels up, make sure to order a serving of pub grub at some point throughout the day, or even have a few share plates on the table for all your mates to dig into as the hours go by. There’s never a good excuse to say no to a bowl of wedges with some sweet chilli and sour cream, after all. 

Join Us at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery

Fancy a weekend of delightful day drinking? The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery is the perfect place to spend a day of beautiful weather in Perth, where you can enjoy our impressive front beer garden, a wide variety of 16 beers on tap, and a pub menu packed full of old favourites and great daily specials. With something new and entertaining on every day, plus great vibes ensured from the arvo till the late night, it’s the perfect place to bring a bunch together for a memorable catch up and a guaranteed good time. 

So, come on down to The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery in Vic Park today, or call us now to book a table