Wait, so it’s actually healthy to down a couple of drinks and publicly embarrass yourself in front of a crowd of strangers? Well, if you can get up for your performance without the assistance of liquid courage, then we’d say it would probably be even more beneficial. 

Karaoke has been loved (and hated) by many people all over the world for quite a few decades now. Originating in Japan, this entertaining pastime spread all throughout Asia before finally landing itself in Western societies. Before long, karaoke was being incorporated into lounges, nightclubs, weddings, and even on TV! Of course, today, you can find many lounges completely dedicated to providing the ultimate karaoke experience. On the other hand, you can find bars or pubs such as ourselves who aim to honour this fun and interactive activity with a dedicated karaoke night each week. 

So, exactly what kinds of health benefits does a night out at karaoke bring? Prepare to be amazed by the following facts:  

It Relieves Stress

Do you come home from work everyday just about ready to blow, whether it’s because of incompetent managers, toxic co-workers, a massive workload or even just the stressful nature of the job? Head down to karaoke night at your local pub, and you’ll be simultaneously relieving a whole lot of stress whilst you sing your little heart out. Singing is one of the many activities you can do that actually releases endorphins, also known as your body’s “feel-good” hormones. These hormones help to reduce levels of stress within your body, allowing you to experience a more positive state of mind afterwards. 

It Improves Your Memory

Do you consider yourself a goldfish when it comes to remembering things? Well, the good news is, karaoke can actually help to improve your memory. Of course, recalling a song you know requires you to utilise the area of your brain responsible for memory. In addition to this, learning a new song stimulates the areas responsible for concentration and learning. 

It Allows Expression of Emotions

Unless you’re having a mate choose for you, you’d probably want to pick a karaoke song that you know and like. Your favourite songs are generally the ones that connect with you in some way, whether it’s the lyrics, the tune, or the artist’s vocals. By singing these songs, you would also be able to express your emotions and feelings out loud. This is something that will make us feel free, and confident enough to be ourselves. 

It Builds Confidence

Confidence is an amazing characteristic to have throughout life. Not only will it help you to grasp opportunities and get to places, but you’ll also feel a whole lot better about yourself overall. Putting yourself up there in front of a crowd of strangers can be challenging at first. But if you keep at it, you can continue to build up your confidence, and will eventually become indifferent to the audience around you. 

It Helps You Get Social

There’s no doubt we’ve all come to appreciate the value of a night out socially interacting, especially after the recent COVID-19 restrictions. Now, what better way to get back out there again than to socialise with the crowd on a night out at karaoke? Music is the one thing that never fails to bring people together (or push them apart depending on how bad their taste is). Moreover, social interaction is essentially a human need, so by engaging in conversation with some new and friendly faces, you’ll also be able to be safer, happier and more cognitively engaged. 

So, now that we’ve convinced you that there’s much more to karaoke than what meets the eye, why not give yourself a little health boost at karaoke night at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery in Victoria Park? Running every Wednesday from 7:30pm-11pm, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring along a group of pals for some chats, laughs, and a guaranteed good time. 

For more information or to book a table, contact us at The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery today