WE Reward Our Loyal Customers

How Does Our Loyalty Card Work?

The Loyalty Membership card gives you savings towards drinks over the bar, it’s that simple and is really easy to use.

On every purchase at the Bottlemart Express, Restaurant, Sports Bar or Main Bar, present your Loyalty Card along with your payment and automatically earn points with every purchase you make.

Along with this you will become apart of the Carlisle Hotel & Distillery membership, this includes monthly newsletters, exclusive members only deals via SMS and join our birthday club. Our birthday club is really something special, as we feel everyone deserves to be spoilt on their birthday, with free meals, gin tasting boards and more.

When we swipe your membership card you may ask to find out your balance. We’ll inform you what dollars the points convert to and then you can spend it back over the bar.

Be sure to come in and collect your Loyalty Card so we can activate it, while giving you your own individual number ready to earn points on.

There are a few restrictions so make sure you understand the Terms & Conditions (below).

The new Carlisle Loyalty App for Android and iPhone allows you to use your phone just like your loyalty card, with a few additional benefits.  For example, you can view your available loyalty points online at any time.  Download the App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store link, or search for “Carlisle Hotel” in the either Store.

A Great Way To Save & Be Rewarded
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Try the new Carlisle Loyalty App for Android

The new Carlisle Loyalty App for iPhone is available now.

Loyalty Program - Terms and Conditions
  • Loyalty cards are issued to the person whose name appears on the application form and are not transferable to any other person(s).
  • To start earning loyalty points, you must present your loyalty card to any staff member at the Carlisle Liquor Store or Bar at the commencement of every sale. Management or staff members will not be able to search for your details and point cannot be awarded after the sale is cashed through the register.
  • The loyalty reward points applicable to earn is up to 10 points depending on the product(s). This percentage may change without notice on certain products. Members are not eligible to earn reward points/dollars on cigarettes and products which are on special or already at a discounted price.
  • The cards can be used with any sale through The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery Liquor Store, Bar or Restaurant. Points can only be claimed through The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery Bar on non promo, non discounted products. Loyalty members accrue loyalty points every time they spend.
  • Members can check how many points/dollars have accrued every time the loyalty card is swiped by a staff member through our point of sale system. The till will display how many dollars you have accrued for that card.
  • Members can redeem their accrued dollars to purchase a product or deduct the accrued monetary value off their bill/sale at anytime.
  • Management may also have selected promotional prizes members can buy with their accrued loyalty points.
  • Loyalty cards remain the property of The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery. Any members(s)/customer(s) who deliberately mis-use their card or another members card will have it voided by management.
  • Members found deliberately using their loyalty card through a third party/on behalf of sales made through another customer will have their card voided by management.
  • Lost or stolen loyalty cards must be reported to management and a new card will be issued.
  • By signing as a member the recipient of the loyalty card agrees and acknowledges they may occasionally receive promotional material such as special offers or important messages from The Carlisle Hotel & Distillery.
  • All points accrued must be used within 12 months or they will be deleted automatically after the 12 month period has expired.
  • Any loyalty card that has not had a purchase within any 6 month period will be void automatically.
  • In the event that the business is sold, card members will be informed via email and given two weeks to spend any accrued points before the business changes hands. At the hand-over of the business to new owners, all remaining points will be deleted.
  • To receive the free birthday main meal and tasting board it must be a table of 4 dining, to receive the free house wine and mini bottle of in house distilled alcohol you must dine with a table of 5, this must be redeemed in your birthday month
  • You are responsible of asking what your balance of point
  • Once you opt out of SMS and email marketing you are not entitled to redeem birthday vouchers, member specials and any other member bonuses delivered via these platforms